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zamboni sentence in Hindi

"zamboni" meaning in Hindi
  • Bertagna had heard the methodical moan of the Zamboni seven times.
  • One was the man driving the Zamboni to resurface the ice.
  • The motorcade through the streets of Toronto will include the Zambonis.
  • It remained there until the Zambonis swept the ice between periods.
  • Zamboni & Co . began and is still headquartered in Paramount.
  • The Model B was the next ice resurfacer made by Zamboni.
  • This restructuring focuses the Zamboni more on digital and multimedia content.
  • Zamboni left Thessaloniki on 18 June 1943 to return to Rome.
  • The arena has two Zamboni's to maintain the ice.
  • Is the Zamboni-drivers'union really that strong?
  • Millions for infrastructure, but not one cent for Zambonis.
  • The Zamboni driver must have been cursing under his breath.
  • Flatley said the Rangers weren't rattled by the Zamboni hijinx.
  • Bosh, 39, normally doesn't tool around in Zambonis.
  • The mixture is heated and spread on the ice behind the Zamboni.
  • "I never drove the Zamboni, " he says.
  • Finally, how about a real-life Zamboni machine?
  • In other words, the rink has a view and a Zamboni.
  • Take that chemistry bunk and toss it under the Zamboni.
  • He drives one of the arena's two Zambonis.
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