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English-Hindi > stiles

stiles meaning in Hindi

stiles sentence in Hindi
1.His first marriage, to Anne Stiles, ended in divorce.

2.Stiles, a Democrat from Beaumont, said in a statement.

3.Stiles said Texas must tax all businesses equally and close loopholes.

4.In Stiles, the Lady Bears have an extraordinarily talented player.

5.And she has ordered Stiles to cut back her private workouts.

6.Stiles is now the Rams'vice president of football operations.

7.Stiles is especially captivating with her husky voice and tomboy overtones.

8.They found eight albums with photos of Stiles'two children.

9.Stiles'asset is that she brings inner heat to sullenness.

10.So Jackie Stiles fever is seemingly superceding everything else this weekend.

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