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English-Hindi > stilettoes

stilettoes meaning in Hindi

stilettoes sentence in Hindi
1.In 1974, Harry joined the Stilettoes with Elda Gentile and Amanda Jones.

2.The tone is symbolized by alarming must-haves such as a pot of eyeliner and high stilettoes.

3.However, Bain complimented Beyonc?on her choice of stilettoes as " . . . serious business ".

4.If you can walk on stilts, some of the needle-stilettoes will give you the mannequin-authority of added height.

5.That's good news for women going into shoe shock over the displays of stilettoes and pointy-toe torture chambers more effective as pieces of artwork than footwear.

6.To move the straight skirt further from the stereotype, and for your own comfort and sanity, dispense with high stilettoes _ though a spare pair carried to work will transform the suit for evening.

7.After leaving the Stilettoes, Harry and Stein formed Angel and the Snake with Tish Bellomo and Blondie, naming it after the term of address men often called Harry when she bleached her hair blonde.

8.Although it can be fun having the choice between sensible flats and decadent stilettoes, sequins and faux fur, straps and buckles, it can also mean having to take more time to make up your mind.

9.Decked out simply but elegantly in black shirt, tuxedo pants, stilettoes and a smear of red lipstick, Izzard made a grandly inconspicuous entrance to the twang of Spaghetti Western guitar, his wit loaded for bear.

10.The workmen also reported hearing voices, the sounds of arguments and a woman's stilettoes clattering through the foyer, although these may have been caused by courting couples who were often believed to make use of the hotel's empty bedrooms.

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