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English-Hindi > stiletto

stiletto meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ sti'letəu ]  sound:  
noun plural: stilettoes   
stiletto sentence in Hindi
1.Really " high-heels, needle-thin stilettos.

2.Soles and heel styles range from platform wedges to streamlined stilettos.

3.And then came the Stilettos from which Blondie came . ..

4.Shoes : Dainty stilettos dyed a shade darker than the dress.

5.Enter the flat, this season's anti-stiletto.

6.Maybe everyone is wearing flats, so the stiletto looks wrong.

7.Diners may wear their stilettos _ and merely press a button.

8.But Kina does like skintight red leather pants and stiletto heels.

9.She now prefers stilettos, as well as Chanel and Prada.

10.Forget stilettos that snap at a crack ! ij the sidewalk.

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a small dagger with a tapered blade

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