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succor sentence in Hindi

"succor" meaning in Hindisuccor in a sentence
  • It is a tragic mistake to lump all Muslims with the forces of darkness. Moderate, enlightened, free-thinking Muslims do exist. Hounded in their own circles, they look to the West for succor and support. And, however weak they may presently be, they eventually will have a crucial role in modernizing the Muslim world.
    वर्तमान संकट में भी यही विभाजन अस्तित्वमान है . मध्यपूर्व अध्ययन के प्रोफेसरों ने कार्टूनों की निंदा की है और कार्टून के पुनर्प्रकाशन में तो जार्डन के दो संपादकों को जेल भी जाना पड़ा है.
  • I refrain from suggesting specific steps Israel should take in part because I am not Israeli, and in part because discussing tactics to win is premature before victory is the policy. Suffice to say that the Palestinian Arabs derive immense succor and strength from a worldwide network of support from NGOs, editorialists, academics, and politicians; that the manufactured Palestinian Arab “refugee” problem stands at the dank heart of the conflict, and that the lack of international recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital festers. These three issues are clearly priorities.
    पश्चिमी तट से फिलीस्तीनी अरबवासियों को स्थानान्तरित करने का आक्रामक कदम इजरायल के लिये उल्टा पड़ सकता है. इससे गुस्सा और बढ़ेगा, शत्रुओं की संख्या में वृद्धि होगी तथा संघर्ष शाश्वत हो जायेगा.

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