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succinic acid sentence in Hindi

"succinic acid" meaning in Hindisuccinic acid in a sentence
  • Other routes are from butadiene, allyl acetate and succinic acid.
  • Succinic acid also converts to diesters such are also referred to as succinates.
  • Succinic acid can then be utilized for energy production via the Krebs cycle.
  • Using glucose as substrate the natural producing succinic acid producers are first considered.
  • It is a succinic acid-producing strain first isolated from the bovine rumen.
  • Upon heating in strongly hydrate to succinic acid.
  • So succinic acid will yield succinic anhydride.
  • Succinic acid is used in the food and beverage industry, primarily as an acidity regulator.
  • Under normal conditions, SSADH works with the enzyme GABA transaminase to convert GABA to succinic acid.
  • The major acids in wine are tartaric and malic acid with succinic acids playing a small role.
  • For both these scenarios the mass based succinic acid yield is 1.12 g / g.
  • The metabolic pathway can be genetically engineered in order to have succinic acid as the only excretion product.
  • The technology involves the vapor phase hydrogenation of succinic acid into the BDO and tetrahydrofuran ( THF ).
  • The first step in that route converts MA to succinic acid; thus succinic is an alternative feedstock.
  • Baltic amber is distinguished by its yield of succinic acid, hence the name " succinite ".
  • Succinic acid may not be an original component of amber, but rather a degradation product of abietic acid.
  • Zafatek is administered in the form trelagliptin succinate in a 1 : 1 mixture of trelagliptin and succinic acid.
  • The final products after successive oxidations include succinic acid, which can enter the citric acid cycle, and adipic acid.
  • The succinic semialdehyde can be converted into either succinic acid by SSADH or to GHB by the enzyme succinic semialdehyde reductase.
  • GABA is metabolized by successive transamination and oxidation to yield succinic semialdehyde and succinic acid respectively via the catalyzing effects of GABA transaminase.
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