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ubiquitously sentence in Hindi

"ubiquitously" meaning in Hindiubiquitously in a sentence
  • Ultimately, DVDs will be distributed as ubiquitously as paperback books.
  • They appear ubiquitously in the Marine Corps, particularly on signage.
  • Soy sauce replaces the fermented fish sauce used ubiquitously in southern dishes.
  • In late June and early July, lupines bloom gloriously and ubiquitously.
  • It is ubiquitously expressed in all tissues in multicellular organisms.
  • The protein encoded by this gene is a ubiquitously expressed nuclear protein.
  • CALU mRNA is ubiquitously expressed in human tissues and maps to 7q32.
  • It is ubiquitously expressed in many tissues and cell types.
  • In eukaryotes, cyclophilins localize ubiquitously to many cell and tissue types.
  • FAM83H is ubiquitously expressed throughout the human body at relatively low levels.
  • FAM167A has ubiquitously low expression in all tissues types throughout the body.
  • Expression profiles indicate that DEPDC1B is highly expressed ubiquitously throughout human tissue.
  • Our ubiquitously plastic lifestyle complicates matters further by making instant gratification so easy.
  • Even the ubiquitously misspelled " Viagara ."
  • All of these terms appear ubiquitously but their actual meanings often remain unclear.
  • Message passing is used ubiquitously in modern computer software.
  • As a result, this protein is ubiquitously expressed.
  • Rab18 is a ubiquitously expressed protein with particularly high expression in the brain.
  • SNAPAP is also a component of the ubiquitously expressed BLOC1 multisubunit protein complex.
  • In human, GTPBP3 is ubiquitously expressed in multiple tissues in multiple transcripts.
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