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ubiquity sentence in Hindi

"ubiquity" meaning in Hindiubiquity in a sentence
  • The ubiquity of CDs has contributed to the recorders'popularity.
  • Blame the growing awareness on hip-hop's ubiquity.
  • Why the ubiquity of the " bell-shaped curve "?
  • Due to its ubiquity, Google Analytics raises some privacy concerns.
  • His two books, Nexus and Ubiquity are available fo purchae.
  • Despite their relative ubiquity, slit lamps have several important limitations.
  • Another emblematic feature of Yoyo was the ubiquity of female musicians.
  • Hoffman's character is interesting primarily for his ubiquity.
  • "What we need is ubiquity, " he said.
  • But part of the problem may be the sheer ubiquity of television.
  • A major reason for the shocking toll guns take is their ubiquity.
  • The problem of passivity is partly counteracted by the boon of ubiquity.
  • Instant messaging and online chat are well on their way to ubiquity.
  • Cantor's work established the ubiquity of transcendental numbers.
  • With the ubiquity of the internet this wider meaning has become redundant.
  • Specifically an ignorance of RFC 1918 and it's growing ubiquity.
  • Perhaps popularity itself helps propel certain colours'continued ubiquity.
  • The ubiquity faded after that as moderates became more numerous.
  • However, its ubiquity is not limited to pure mathematics.
  • Lasers got a couple of votes, for their ubiquity and potential power.
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