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English-Hindi > ugh

ugh meaning in Hindi

ugh sentence in Hindi

1.Ugh ! He was surprised how heavy she was - she didn ' t look it .
बाबा रे बाबा ! कितनी भारी है , है , देखने में तो इतनी नहीं लगती ।

2.A former life , indeed - ugh !
पूर्व - जीवन … हूँ ! '

3.Ugh. I wish I hadn't. I'll attach a transcript at the end. What I said was accurate: that in an off-the-record conversation with military analysts, a couple had suggested that the Israeli strategy involved leaving Hezbellah 'rocket pockets' in place so as to shape public perceptions and give their forces more freedom of maneuver in Lebanon. Such a strategy might be considered logical and even moral, in that while suffering some short-term casualties, it would provide more protection for more Israelis in the long run. But I've since heard from some smart, well-informed people that while such a strategy might be logical, that the Israeli public just wouldn't stand for it. And they were pretty dismayed that I has passed on the thought. My comments were based on a long conversation I had with a senior Israeli official a couple of years ago … Best Tom
ऐसा अमेरिका और उसके सहयोगियों द्वारा असाधारण शक्ति उपभोग के कारण हुआ है .जैसा कि इतिहासकार पाल कैनेडी ने 2002 में कहा था - “ सैन्य अर्थों में केवल एक शक्ति है जिसकी गिनती की जा सकती है , पिछले समय को देखकर उन्होंने पाया , इससे पहले शक्ति का इतना असंतुलन कभी नहीं देखा गया और इजरायल अपनी क्षमता में एक क्षेत्रीय शक्ति और वाशिंगटन के निकट सहयोगी के तौर पर संख्या पर संख्या के संबंध में हिजबुल्लाह के समकक्ष है.”

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