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English-Hindi > uglified

uglified meaning in Hindi

uglified sentence in Hindi
1.For this character he is uglified with false buck teeth.

2.The wizard who ruled the island, Coriakin, had cast a spell on the Duffers, making them " uglified ".

3.Once again, they wished to be un-uglified, but Lucy told them that they looked nice the way they were.

4.The Duffers, believing themselves to have been " uglified, " sneak into his rooms and cast a spell to make themselves invisible, hiding their new appearance.

5.That doesn't go down so well with Kinsey's wife, Mac ( Laura Linney, who goes brown-haired and uglified to prove she's a Serious Actress ).

6.For example, " Washakotya'tawitsherahetkvhta'se "'means, " He made the thing that one puts on one's body ugly for her " _ meaning, he uglified her dress.

7."Fred Olsen had uglified the house, and nobody had been aware of its historical value, " said Chris Foy, a resident of the enclave for 25 years . " When we were shown pictures of the original models, they spoke for themselves ."

8.*Speaking of Wikipedia ( and don't we all . . . ) my biggest worry is that if all the knowledge in the world is sucked and uglified into Wikipedia, THEN if the worldwide electricity grid ever ( somehow ) goes out or is compromised by aliens from Neptune ( one day in the bleak, Bradburyan future ) then we're all up a wet knowledge creek with no brain paddles . . . because by then ( as the Scriptures say ) Google will have scanned and destroyed all our books including real encyclopedias and dictionaries, etc-therefore, putting everything on the internet is not totally good OR wise!

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