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English-Hindi > ugly as sin

ugly as sin meaning in Hindi

ugly as sin sentence in Hindi
अत्यधिक कुरूप
ugly    खतरनाक ख़तरनाक
as    की तरह जैसे ही पहले
sin    कुकर्म दोष पाप
1.It was very patriotic, but it was ugly as sin.

2.Unfortunately, that fellow we matched Andrea up with was ugly as sin.

3."The original Howdy Doody puppet was as ugly as sin,"

4.My technique is still ugly as sin.

5.The moment you do anything like that in Alaska, everything nearby becomes ugly as sin.

6.Everybody wants to look at the wheat export numbers and think they are as ugly as sin,

7.As for your other questions, no to siding; that only covers the problem, and is ugly as sin anyway.

8.He isn't facing personal bankruptcy, Farley said, but called his situation " ugly as sin ."

9.As my grandmother used to say, ugly as sin, and that's an especially apt phrase for this boxcar.

10."I'll be the first to say they're as ugly as sin, " the chief said.

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