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unloosing sentence in Hindi

"unloosing" meaning in Hindiunloosing in a sentence
  • Federal purse strings finally will be unloosed after years of neglect.
  • I unloosed a long cast, just in front of the redfish.
  • The slaughter in Colorado has unloosed the usual gush of therapy-talk.
  • The epidemic of negativism, once unloosed, finds few mortals immune to injury.
  • Our hourlong tour refreshed our memories of stalactites and stalagmites and unloosed our imaginations.
  • Ni�o passes to unloose a shower of petals.
  • Crying is found to be not enough for the heart to unloose its great emotions.
  • In particular, it has unloosed Nazis and their deeds as acceptable analogies for perceived political misdeeds.
  • By throwing down the gauntlet to God, he unloosed an unholy ruckus that has roiled the land.
  • The Tarlac River spilled over and the unloosed waters tore open a new channel half a mile wide.
  • At one point he unloosed 196 words in a 40 second riff _ 4.9 words a second!
  • The handling of the Foster nomination has unloosed political forces that the White House may not be able to contain.
  • Despite his sin, and all the suffering it unloosed, David will remain the model of the Messianic king.
  • Once again, NATO is on the verge of unloosing bombs on Serbian positions as yet another deadline is reached.
  • "It is a new terror that Saddam's followers have unloosed on our poor land ."
  • Or is the Republican governor, as supporters say, leading the charge to conservative government and family values unloosed throughout the country?
  • All 40, 000 Lebanese University students have been forced outside since the Israeli campaign unloosed the flood of refugees from the south.
  • This week's decision to open a tunnel abutting its holiest Muslim shrine was the spark that unloosed the Palestinians'frustrations.
  • In turn, the thoroughbred world is getting the opportunity to see an unorthodox horseman unloose precocious and professional young horses on the racetrack.
  • An incredible blond woman crosses suburban America unloosing nice women's dirty pasts, helping them exhale by showing them how to inhale.
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