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unlovely sentence in Hindi

"unlovely" meaning in Hindiunlovely in a sentence
  • One doesn't want to be too fussy about unlovely writing.
  • They're unlovely to look at but delightful to dine upon.
  • Hostility is defined as an unlovely combination of cynicism, anger and aggressiveness.
  • The unlovely swaggie is not even picturesque, and he is decidedly wearisome.
  • Even for a rodent, it is unlovely.
  • Why this stubbornness, this unlovely refusal?
  • Temirtau remains a bleak, unlovely place.
  • The question is, can investors handle these truths, given how unlovely they are?
  • That's the way it is in the unlovely marriage of free agency and cable riches.
  • One stretch of Manhattan that developers have lusted after is an unlovely expanse in the West 30s.
  • Freud isn't the only 20th century artist to glory in the body's unlovely splendor.
  • Minnie Driver gives a lovely performance as unlovely Benny Hogan, a wallflower from a small Irish town.
  • It proved a decidedly unlovely town except for its three-towered medieval bridge across the Lot River.
  • Before the war, this unlovely town embedded in a beautiful mountain valley was about 97 percent Serb.
  • My journey to Agra, the unlovely city that surrounds the Taj Mahal, began with hand-wringing frustration.
  • It was derided as " unlovely . . . grim [ and ] monolithic " in the Pevsner Architectural Guides.
  • This city, so gorgeous from a distance, so unlovely up close, remains a foreign land in American literature.
  • To this end Glouchkov has a team of 30 Price Waterhouse accountants beavering away in Avtovaz's unlovely base at Togliatti.
  • Why is this a triumph of anything other than the commonplace but unlovely truth that there are different rules for the powerful?
  • Fresh from the store, with a dusty slick of oil to prevent it from rusting, it looks primitive and unlovely.
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