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unloving sentence in Hindi

"unloving" meaning in Hindiunloving in a sentence
  • The sisters endured harsh and unloving treatment from their grandparents.
  • Indeed the church has often been profoundly unloving toward the GLBT community.
  • Pooja lives in a big house with unloving parents.
  • Estella points out that Miss Havisham taught her to be hard-hearted and unloving.
  • At the same time, it isn't unloving to talk about sin ."
  • He portrayed Kitty Menendez as a drunken and unloving mother who may have tried to poison him.
  • It is not uncommon for two individuals who love each other to experience the other as unloving.
  • Other researchers had hypothesized that unloving, neglectful, or excessively perfectionist parenting could play a role.
  • Her daughter Dagmra 6imele depicted Asja in her memoirs in 1996 as a selfish and unloving mother.
  • Raised without a father, Sakiko felt her mother was cold, brusque and unloving toward her.
  • Hekat, a girl born no better than a slave to an unloving father who beats his wife.
  • The film also pretty honestly touches on darker issues of divorce and an apparently unloving father-son relationship.
  • Valgerd, her mother, speaks about their shared grief over father Thorfinn's hard and unloving manner.
  • Aicha Kossoko exerts a brooding presence as Octavia, suffering nobly through her politically expedient marriage to the unloving Antony.
  • In a 1980 book, " Unloving Care, " he documented mistreatment of nursing-home residents.
  • Memories of shame, guilt, rejection, hatred, resentment and other unloving feelings cannot be converted to love.
  • More effective are the scenes that explore Hilditch's unloving childhood and the hold it has on his life.
  • In this 1995 stage version, Gutierrez concentrates more on the tragic story of an unloving parent and his unwanted child.
  • Prosecutors played the video to humanize the dead parents, who have been portrayed by the defense as unloving and abusive.
  • Vernon gazes longingly at the pretty waitress ( Liv Tyler ) who only has eyes for a cold, unloving hunk.
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