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English-Hindi > unlovely

unlovely meaning in Hindi

unlovely sentence in Hindi
1.One doesn't want to be too fussy about unlovely writing.

2.They're unlovely to look at but delightful to dine upon.

3.Hostility is defined as an unlovely combination of cynicism, anger and aggressiveness.

4.The unlovely swaggie is not even picturesque, and he is decidedly wearisome.

5.Even for a rodent, it is unlovely.

6.Why this stubbornness, this unlovely refusal?

7.Temirtau remains a bleak, unlovely place.

8.The question is, can investors handle these truths, given how unlovely they are?

9.That's the way it is in the unlovely marriage of free agency and cable riches.

10.One stretch of Manhattan that developers have lusted after is an unlovely expanse in the West 30s.

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without beauty or charm
Synonyms: unpicturesque,

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