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English-Hindi > unwaveringly

unwaveringly meaning in Hindi

unwaveringly sentence in Hindi
1.To a fault, Bowden is unwaveringly loyal to his players.

2.Japan will unwaveringly support such U . S . engagement.

3.We stand single-mindedly, unwaveringly by our vocation.

4.Gloria defends Dimitri's unsavory actions to Tad unwaveringly.

5.The distraught but unwaveringly devoted Sandhyavali acquiesces to this decision.

6.The Bundesbank will under any circumstances unwaveringly continue its stability-oriented policy.

7.Hier stehe ich, in the phrase of one unwaveringly opinionated Worms dieter.

8.Fox News has been unwaveringly bullish about the war.

9.During the Bavarian Soviet Republic, he unwaveringly stuck to his professional ethics.

10.Plaintiffs have been unwaveringly critical of Microsoft's proposal for a technical committee.

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