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English-Hindi > unwearable

unwearable meaning in Hindi

unwearable sentence in Hindi
1.The jewelry was unwearable because of the softness of 24kt gold.

2.Weighing in at eight pounds, it proved unwearable.

3.The more they had to make, the worse and more unwearable the shoes became.

4.All the " S " words can make spring fashions sound scary, unwearable.

5.Priceless, though unmarketable, unwearable.

6.The tiaras are a little unwearable,

7.Unfortunately radium treatment also left the diamond strongly radioactive, to the point of being unwearable.

8.Using unwearable materials to make clothing is an aberration he shares with other designers like Antonio Berardi.

9.Van Noten's already earned enough acclaim to indulge in unwearable whimsy from time to time.

10.His collections are unpredictable, often hard to understand, with some pieces that are virtually unwearable.

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not suitable for wear or able to be worn; "shoes so dilapidated as to be unwearable"

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