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uxorilocal sentence in Hindi

"uxorilocal" meaning in Hindi
  • Because the ! Kung do not live in lineages, they cannot be matrilocal; they are uxorilocal .)
  • A bride may sometimes move into her husband's household, but uxorilocal residence is somewhat more common.
  • Similar uxorilocal arranged marriages to preserve wealth inheritance were common in Korea, Japan and other parts of the world.
  • Matri-related women formed the nucleus of the only relatively enduring social groups, recruited according to the uxorilocal / matrilocal residence rule.
  • Initial uxorilocal residence combined with the sequential establishment of separate households by each older sibling frequently leaves the youngest daughter and her husband to care for the aged parents and ultimately to inherit the house.
  • During the 16th century, medieval women gained new-found security as wives within virilocal systems, in contrast to the insecurity of Heian-period wives in uxorilocal and wifevisiting arrangements where women were easily abandoned by their spouses.
  • As Leila Ahmed states in her work, " Women and Gender in Islam ", " evidence suggests that among the types of marriage practiced was matrilineal, uxorilocal marriage, found in Arabia, including Mecca, about the time of the birth of Muhammad ( circa 570 )-- the woman remaining with her tribe, where the man could visit or reside with her, and the children belonging to the mother's tribe-- as well as polyandrous and polygamous marriages . " Thus, it is widely accepted that polygyny was not the only type of matrimony practiced during the jahiliyya ( pre-Islamic era ), but one part of a highly variegated and diverse pool of matrimony types.

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