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uxorious sentence in Hindi

"uxorious" meaning in Hindi
  • My father needed that quiet center; he was a very uxorious man.
  • David incisively conveys the uxorious sensual pride that Othello takes in his wife.
  • Scarce; higher-priced; a gift even more eagerly sought after by the uxorious luxurious.
  • Asked the same question when she entered the race last week, she again retreated behind the uxorious veil.
  • There is a heavy emphasis on his uxorious relationship with his wife, Alison ( played by Mary McCormack ).
  • And even when a law-abiding citizen wants to show how uxorious he is, he also kills in abundance as Bruce Willis does in " Die Hard ."
  • Kirk's gorgeous new wife brought an exotic, thrilling, sexual dimension to his governorship, and he is devoted to her still, to the point of being uxorious.
  • Moreover, the notoriously " uxorious " Charles might have bowed to pressure from his new wife Hildegard, who wanted her own son to enjoy the most legitimate claim to the throne.
  • While Steffi's husband sits in a hotel room nursing the flu, her uxorious ex leads her in a dance along the river, his trim tuxedoed figure swirling her in the moonlight.
  • Rafe Camelion is a " uxorious citizen " who dismisses every temptation to jealousy and possessivness; his wife Hannah complains that he leaves her exposed to the gossip of women and the solicitations of men.
  • Stravinsky, perhaps the most uxorious of all the great composers, saw her differently : not as a simpering annoyance or a see-through plot mechanism but, quite ingenuously, as an emanation from paradise.
  • The thread that connects Caine's stoical, woman-chasing man of violence with Winstone's scared, uxorious man of feeling lies not in similarities of character but in the kind of cinema they inhabit.
  • "That's one uxorious physicist, sweetie, " she tells the picture _ referring to the third woman in Guy's orbit, his " dish " of a wife, Penny.
  • Ben Kingsley's performance as a sociopathic Cockney gangster is terrifyingly inventive, and is beautifully balanced by Ray Winstone's portrayal of an anxious, uxorious hoodlum who wants nothing more than to enjoy his retirement in Spain.
  • Expected to attend, according to New York's newspaper of record, the Post : Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Georgette Mosbacher, " assorted Rockefellers, " and David Koch, twin brother of the uxorious William, I believe.
  • The Democrats on the House committee investigating fund-raising abuses tried to pressure Chairman Dan Burton ( R-Looney Tune ) to let the reconciled top cops sit side by side and testify in tandem, so they could present an uxorious front.
  • According to William of Tyre, " from that day forward, the king became so uxorious that . . . not even in unimportant cases did he take any measures without her knowledge and assistance . " ( William of Tyre, 14.18)
  • The media then depicted Roosevelt as minimally disabled and maximally uxorious, and though the gossip mills of Hollywood ground out a lot of chaff, the studio publicity departments made certain that all stars were either virgins or happily married, unrelievedly heterosexual and entirely abstemious off screen.
  • Dante Gabriel Rossetti's " Beata Beatrix, " ostensibly a portrait of Dante's fabled heroine ( based on studies of Rossetti's wife, Lizzie Siddall, who committed suicide with an overdose of laudanum in 1862 ), radiates uxorious desire.
  • The image of Republicans as the Daddy party and Democrats as the Mommy party came roaring back in 2004, with a chesty President Bush and Dick Cheney prevailing by making the case that they could protect America from vicious terrorists and uxorious gays better than the Brahmin they painted as a sissy.
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