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English-Hindi > vacationing

vacationing meaning in Hindi

vacationing sentence in Hindi
1.What would I think if I were vacationing in my town?

2.Bush said Monday from Lake Tahoe, where he is vacationing.

3.Drinkwater is vacationing in London, apparently unaware of the controversy.

4._A herd of donkeys attacked a woman vacationing in Greece.

5.For some escapees, vacationing seems a skill that needs practice.

6.Robinson said Friday night from South Carolina where he is vacationing.

7.Vacationing children haul their weary parents toward the small movie theater.

8.While still strong, gasoline demand from vacationing motorists is slowing.

9.While vacationing in France, Long decided to seek outside help.

10.Waxdeck found himself recognized on the street when vacationing in Europe.

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