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vc sentence in Hindi

"vc" meaning in Hindivc in a sentence
  • Several hope to raise VC financing in the next few months.
  • VC in the compound !'Suddenly everyone was yelling it.
  • The VC, as was their practice, fled at dawn.
  • VC firm Weston Presidio joined in Vitria's next round.
  • Thus, if R e " VC then firm should operate.
  • Finally an example of a VC-subgraph class is considered.
  • Thus, the VC dimension of this particular classifier is 3.
  • The aircraft again blunted the VC attack and forced a retreat.
  • Gray was later posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross ( VC ).
  • VIP transport, opting instead for the Convair VC-131D.
  • Two VC-6A aircraft were operated by the US military.
  • Chavasse subsequently died of wounds sustained during this second VC action.
  • Tucows serviced . VC through their Liberty RMS wholly owned subsidiary.
  • His VC was donated to the Royal Naval Museum, Portsmouth.
  • His VC medal is displayed at the Army Medical Services Museum.
  • This makes Nand Singh unique in the annals of VC winners.
  • He was the only Camel pilot to be awarded a VC.
  • The only regular service to Barbuda flies from VC Bird Airport.
  • Agar s VC is held by the War Museum in London.
  • This enraged the VC, prompting them to order his execution.
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