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vdu sentence in Hindi

"vdu" meaning in Hindivdu in a sentence
  • VDU 17 sets the text colour and 18 the graphics colour.
  • 7501 comprised a smaller enclosure integrated beneath a 7561 VDU terminal.
  • There are two processes of distillation : CDU process and VDU process.
  • VDU 2 and 3 toggle whether screen output is echoed to the printer.
  • VDUs ( " electronic eavesdropping " ) is outside the scope of this offence.
  • VDU 31 locates the text cursor to the location held in the following two bytes.
  • Some statements were direct equivalents to VDU codes, such as CLS for VDU 12.
  • Some statements were direct equivalents to VDU codes, such as CLS for VDU 12.
  • 7561 VDUs were memory-mapped display monitors, and not character-based terminals.
  • Modern signal boxes nowadays tend to be provided with VDU based, or similar, control systems.
  • The newly rebuilt station was officially opened by former local VDU displays and better lighting and security.
  • This scheme saw the replacement of the traditional mechanical lever frame with a WestCAD VDU control system.
  • Following his dismissal from the VDU, the family had moved to his wife's hometown of Sulingen.
  • It was founded in 1955 as a successor organisation to the short-lived Federation of Independents ( VdU ).
  • It had only 5 card slots in the backplane and offered reduced connectivity with only one additional VDU terminal possible.
  • The Acorn Graphics Extension ROM ( GXR ) expanded the VDU routines to draw geometric shapes, flood fills and sprites.
  • Operating the first flight of the day displayed that flight at the very top of a travel agent's VDU screen.
  • VDU 19 handles palette remap; the following five bytes represent the palette entry, the desired colour and three reserve bytes.
  • Despite such disadvantages, Xeon processors have always had popularity among desktop users, ( primarily gamers, and VDU output is desired.
  • In addition, psychological factors have been found in multivariate analyses to be associated with an increase in eye irritation among VDU users.
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