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vector addition sentence in Hindi

"vector addition" meaning in Hindi  
  • Vector addition and scalar multiplication are defined in the obvious manner.
  • This discrete set of vectors must be closed under vector addition and subtraction.
  • Thus we have shown the reciprocal lattice is closed under vector addition and subtraction.
  • For instance, it is clear the dot and cross products are distributive over vector addition:
  • The desired heading was then fed into a vector addition with the instinctive obstacle avoidance layer.
  • Euclidean transformations can be described by vector addition and rotor multiplication for translations and rotations respectively.
  • The vector addition of the individual bond dipole moments results in a net dipole moment for the molecule.
  • The translation group acting on the Hilbert space of position eigenstates is vector additions in the Euclidean space.
  • The first four axioms are those of " V " being an abelian group under vector addition.
  • The addition here is the vector addition of vector algebra and the resulting velocity is usually represented in the form
  • These are combined using basic vector addition to return the course made good or " track ".
  • If ordinary vector addition was used, it would be possible to obtain a velocity with a magnitude larger than.
  • Compute all the vector additions, scalings, inner products and cross products from the coordinates using the following axioms.
  • A " vector addition system " consists of a finite set of integer arcs labelled by integer vectors.
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  • Note that the true wind is added using vector addition to the head wind created by the boat's speed.
  • A proper velocity space model of hyperbolic geometry is given by proper velocities with vector addition given by the proper velocity addition formula:
  • The same principles apply, only adding the planet's velocity to that of the spacecraft requires vector addition, as shown below.
  • Sometimes the elements of I _ c may be defined by a vector addition modulo the simulation space's dimension to realize toroidal topologies:
  • Land?s work contained several new important ideas, including the rule of vector addition of two quantum-mechanical angular momenta J1 and J2.
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