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English-Hindi > vizor

vizor meaning in Hindi

verb past tense: vozored   verb past participle: vizored   verb present participle: vizoring   
vizor sentence in Hindi
1.SBS also handled the selling of Viisi's advertising time on behalf of Vizor.

2.Another is that he was struck in the face by an arrow when he opened his vizor for a better view.

3.The Dutch air force is currently evaluating LANTIRN navigation and vizor systems as part of the planned upgrading of its F16 fleet.

4.You don't have to think of these oblong boxes, " said Jon Vizor, NXT's marketing director.

5.In fact, in 2013 two graduate students at UC Santa Barbara created an " Only Revolutions " database called Vizor.

6.As for transparent speakers, Vizor says the technology for them is still so new that NXT has yet to start selling licenses for it.

7.In August 2004, SBS, which already owned multiple radio stations in Finland and other Nordic countries, announced it would expand its services to television by buying Viisi from Vizor Media.

8.As a result of the accident, HKL redesigned the windshield of the Nr II class trams, adding a large vizor that contains an air conditioning unit, which also shields the driver from direct sunlight.

9.Then there were five terrible tin spears, which were sold in a lot for four shillings .-- Then seven helmets, said to have descended from the Crusaders, under Peter the Hermit, with vizors complete, were also sold in a lot for the same amount.

10.In 2003, a Finnish multimedia corporation called " Vizor Media Ltd . " bid for a station in the digital terrestrial television network with a winning bid, putting aside bids from six other companies ( including the country's largest media groups Helsinki University of Technology by the state-owned VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

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a brim that projects to the front to shade the eyes; "he pulled down the bill of his cap and trudged ahead"
Synonyms: bill, peak, eyeshade, visor,

a piece of armor plate (with eye slits) fixed or hinged to a medieval helmet to protect the face
Synonyms: visor,

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