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English-Hindi > vizir

vizir meaning in Hindi

vizir sentence in Hindi
1.The former is connected to the " Bazaar of Vizir " of the city.

2.In Poland it is sold as Vizir.

3.He succeeded his father az-Zafir as a child, with vizir Tali ibn Russik as regent.

4.The Persian articles 138 and 139 deal with the moral and philosophical topics presented by the Sassanid Vizir Bozorgmehr.

5.After this victory, Ziri is said to have sent Al-Mansur gave him the title of vizir.

6.Lal Singh on behalf of infant emperor Duleep Singh was asked to surrender Kashmir . " Vizir"

7.He became vizir to three Abbasid caliphs and is credited with developing the �rst script to obey strict proportional rules.

8.Despite several successes, he was strangled by his own vizir in 1358, after which the dynasty began to decline.

9."' Sergei Vizir "'was chief economist of TsNIIMash-Export at the time of his arrest.

10.Hira Singh had become prime minister aged 24, after his father and Gulab Singh's brother " Vizir"

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