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English-Hindi > viziership

viziership meaning in Hindi

viziership sentence in Hindi
1.Apart from the grand viziership, Izzet Mehmed Pasha also held other high-level posts.

2.His unique position as the viziership made him the highest ranking Jewish courtier in all of Spain.

3.His viziership and warden post was restored in 1698 or 1699 . He died in 1700 or 1701.

4.Some sources say that he held office as a viziership of state for over three decades until his death in 1056.

5.Already an obese man, he died of " indigestion ", and was succeeded in the viziership by his nephew, Saladin.

6.In 1697 or 1698, his viziership was revoked, and he was exiled first to the Sanjak of Kocaeli and then to Saqqez.

7.While not mentioning any viziership to Perdiccas, or any reason why the democratic party in Oreus agreed with " malicious pleasure " that he deserved his unfortunate end, Demosthenes does support the idea that Euphraeus was an active participant in politics.

8.The administration for the entire country is represented as well as seen in the seals of the great granary of King Sesostris III . The suggested existence of a dual and shared viziership in Egypt in the Late Middle Kingdom is also seen in a seal found stating  office of the vizier of the Head-of-the South.

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