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English-Hindi > wadded

wadded meaning in Hindi

wadded sentence in Hindi
1.He wadded up the paper and dropped it in the wastebasket.

2.What does she think about when she is all wadded up?

3.Jennings all but wadded up the results and threw them away.

4.They made a ball from wadded paper wrapped in duct tape.

5.Miller told Tysoe, as he wadded up the paper.

6.They're wadded up like a backlash in a fishing line.

7.It is a reusable alternative to wadded rags or newspapers.

8.Sissy stomps on the wadded-up paper to end the threat.

9.Boogered / wadded up : Hey, it happens to even the best.

10.Raymond Ng said workers found wadded-up newspaper as insulation behind walls.

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