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wading bird sentence in Hindi

"wading bird" meaning in Hindiwading bird in a sentence
  • Stocks of native wetland plants, wading birds, corals and fish have declined.
  • In addition, numerous neotropical migrant and wading birds benefit from management activities.
  • As well as the wading birds, mallards, kingfishers are also frequently seen.
  • The lakes provide foraging habitat for wading birds, bald eagles, and osprey.
  • It is an internationally important wintering site for waterfowl and wading birds.
  • This habitat diversity supports raptors, shorebirds, wading birds, and other wildlife species.
  • Macaws and wading birds are very abundant, as are the game birds.
  • Wading birds land on twigs that were once the tops of shrubs.
  • The population of wading birds, once seemingly numberless, fell by 90 percent.
  • Biologists blame it for a 90 percent drop in the Everglades'wading birds nests.
  • Recurvirostridae is a family of large wading birds that includes avocets and stilts.
  • 364 hectares of mainly grassland support wading birds such as geese and wildfowl.
  • The civil parish had a population of 1, 126 at the wading birds.
  • The area is the home of many species of wading birds.
  • This area is a habitat for many species of wading birds.
  • More than a dozen species of ducks and wading birds have been documented.
  • Herons and egrets are medium-to large wading birds with long necks and legs.
  • The refuge provides habitat for waterfowl, wading birds, and neotropical songbirds.
  • In addition to seabirds, wading birds and bald eagles nest on refuge islands.
  • And with fewer fish, the wading birds have all but vanished.
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