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English-Hindi > wrongly decided

wrongly decided meaning in Hindi

wrongly decided sentence in Hindi

विनिश्चय गलत किया गया
wrongly    गलत अनुचित ढंग से
decided    दृढ़ ध्रुव निश्चय
1.Other observers conclude that " Beck " was wrongly decided.

2.I believed at the time and continue to believe that McMillan was wrongly decided.

3.I believe Roe v . Wade, as an original matter, was wrongly decided,

4.Do you think Nierotko was wrongly decided?

5.This did not imply that " Rondel v Worsley " was wrongly decided.

6.Nothing decrees that if the Supreme Court wrongly decides a constitutional case, the subject is closed.

7.This attack horrified Taft, who privately agreed that " Lochner " had been wrongly decided.

8.Ashcroft testified, " I believe Roe v . Wade, as an original matter, was wrongly decided.

9.He said that Robinson happened on Del Debbio suddenly and that Del Debbio in an instant wrongly decided to open fire.

10.Hasteur has pointed out that hundreds of MfD discussions have been wrongly decided in terms of this stale theory for Draftspace.

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