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English-Hindi > wrongheadedness

wrongheadedness meaning in Hindi

wrongheadedness sentence in Hindi
1.In fact, her stubborn wrongheadedness is part of the joke.

2.Possible but pointless, doomed really, and a breathtaking example of wrongheadedness.

3.Minds boggle at the naivete, not to say wrongheadedness, of his argument.

4.In a remarkable spasm of wrongheadedness, he blamed the Jews for their own persecution.

5.Basic liberties are being infringed because of judicial wrongheadedness and, frankly, secularist bias,

6.The wave of instability racking the region is a clear illustration of the wrongheadedness of these priorities.

7.They will desert, I hope, the intolerance and wrongheadedness of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson,

8.The confusion merely reinforces the wrongheadedness of the whole idea of making a fake movie about real tragedy.

9.But it does not mean ignoring or glossing over examples of black corruption, violence, deception, stupidity, incompetence and just plain wrongheadedness.

10.He has been wrong before _ overestimating CD-ROMs and underestimating the Internet _ but has he created an entire company based on wrongheadedness?

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