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English-Hindi > wrongheadedly

wrongheadedly meaning in Hindi

wrongheadedly sentence in Hindi
1.Then when the film does take shape, it does so wrongheadedly.

2.Some proponents wrongheadedly contended that Black English is not part of English at all, but a descendant of African languages.

3.The New York Rangers tabbed center Rick Middleton at No . 14 before wrongheadedly trading him to Boston for an aging Ken Hodge.

4.Filibusters have sometimes been used wrongheadedly but in the main they have been a useful check against installing partisan excess in the judiciary.

5.At one point, they build a church of glass to cart around the countryside and deliver to the clergyman to whom Lucinda has wrongheadedly devoted herself.

6.They drink too much or drive too fast or they do both at once because they think they can, because they wrongheadedly believe they are immortal.

7.And that spooky kid in " The Sixth Sense, " but they're wrongheadedly pushing him in the more crowded supporting actor category.

8.Warner Bros . wrongheadedly released " A Little Princess " last mid-May, sacrificing it to the month's onslaught of summer attractions.

9.Now, the leading candidates for his party's 1996 presidential nomination are wrongheadedly trying to make affirmative action the central issue against President Clinton, he said.

10.And to the extent that we are pushed wrongheadedly to resemble commercial television, that role as a Smithsonian of the air, as a lyceum of the air, as a public square of the air, will be diminished.

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