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English-Hindi > wrongheaded

wrongheaded meaning in Hindi

wrongheaded sentence in Hindi
1.Such wrongheaded views can take their toll on the older generation.

2.They describe her style as tyrannical, her initiatives as wrongheaded.

3.Hitchings added, " they are defiantly wrongheaded ."

4.It was weird, it was wrongheaded, it was fascinating,

5."Dudley Do-Right " is plain wrongheaded.

6.But that view is wrongheaded, said Trone at Prudential Securities.

7.Bush's order is wrongheaded and dangerous on many counts.

8.He also made more than his usual share of wrongheaded decisions.

9.Burton commended Bush, but said the executive order is wrongheaded.

10.It's a stylistic jumble, wrongheaded in every way.

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obstinately perverse in judgment or opinion; "a wrongheaded policy"

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