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xanthate sentence in Hindi

"xanthate" meaning in Hindixanthate in a sentence
  • Certain xanthate salts and bisxanthates ( e . g.
  • With the addition of iodomethane, the alkoxide is transformed into a methyl xanthate.
  • Sodium ethyl xanthate is predominantly used in the mining industry as a flotation agent.
  • Unlike the related sodium ethyl xanthate, the potassium salt exists as an anhydrous salt.
  • The higher the ratio of cellulose to combined sulfur, the lower the solubility of the cellulose xanthate.
  • Dixanthogen ) are used as RAFT process, also termed MADIX ( macromolecular design via interchange of xanthates ).
  • In the first step, a xanthate salt is formed out of the alkoxide and carbon disulfide ( CS 2 ).
  • Sodium ethyl xanthate can also be quantified using electrochemical detection methods, which can be combined with some of the above chemical techniques.
  • In this step, the xanthate groups are hydrolyzed to regenerate cellulose and release dithiocarbonic acid that later decomposes to carbon disulfide and water:
  • The efficiency of the hydrophobic action increases, but the selectivity to ore type decreases with increasing length of the hydrocarbon chain in xanthates.
  • The chain is shortest in sodium ethyl xanthate that makes it highly selective to copper, nickel, lead, gold and zinc ores.
  • It failed because the patent claims included all xanthates, but it was known that not all xanthates could be used in the process.
  • It failed because the patent claims included all xanthates, but it was known that not all xanthates could be used in the process.
  • Both xanthates and the related thioxanthates ( derived from treatment of CS 2 with sodium thiolates ) are used as flotation agents in mineral processing.
  • The ore is then wet, suspended in a slurry, and mixed with xanthates or other reagents, which render the sulfide particles hydrophobic.
  • The polar part of xanthate molecule attaches to the ore particles with the non-polar hydrocarbon part sticking out and forming a hydrophobic layer.
  • In 2000, Australia produced up to 10, 000 tonnes of sodium ethyl xanthate and imported about 6, 000 tonnes, mostly from China.
  • "' Sodium ethyl xanthate "'( SEX ) is an organosulfur compound with the chemical formula CH 3 CH 2 OCS 2 Na.
  • The material produced in Australia is the so-called'liquid sodium ethyl xanthate'that refers to a 40 % aqueous solution of the solid.
  • Xanthates typically undergo elimination from 120 to 200 �C, while esters typically require 400 to 500 �C and amine oxides routinely react between 80 and 160 �C.
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