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English-Hindi > xanthosis

xanthosis meaning in Hindi

xanthosis sentence in Hindi
1.Akeelah attempts to intentionally lose by deliberately misspelling " xanthosis ".

2.Contemptuous, he asks her to spell " xanthosis ".

3.He practically shouted his winning word, " xanthosis, " into the microphone.

4.But the past six years have brought out the real prize-winners : " xanthosis,"

5.14-year-old Justin Tyler Carroll from Wynne, Arkansas won the competition on June 1 by correctly spelling the word " xanthosis ".

6.Justin, who attends the Wynne Junior High School, spelled correctly the word " xanthosis, " which is a yellow discoloration often occurring in cancerous tumors.

7.Justin Tyler Carroll, 14, of Wynne, Ark ., won the National Spelling Bee championship by correctly spelling " xanthosis, " a yellow discoloration of the skin.

an abnormal yellow discoloration of the skin

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