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xc sentence in Hindi

"xc" meaning in Hindixc in a sentence
  • -- All-Weather Wagon : Volvo V-70 XC
  • Note that the use of " xc " is considered pedantic.
  • These engines were offered in the Ford Falcon XC in Australia.
  • Fidelio contains both metals and carbon ( Spectral class XC ).
  • Holden in Australia launched the XC series Combo in September 2002.
  • This snippet of Go code performs similarly to the XC code.
  • But ip xcs also been used to incriminate Jews for all time.
  • The XC line updates and replaces their old MXC bikes.
  • In December 1977 Ford built 13 special order XC Falcon GS Hardtops.
  • Visually, the XC Falcon was given a restyle treatment.
  • The component statements are called " tasks " in XC.
  • Task placement is restricted to the main function of an XC program.
  • Huge numbers of backcountry bowls can be used for telemarking and XC Downhilling.
  • He won the TransAlp race in Europe and a Masters XC national title.
  • This makes their use more common in XC designs.
  • At its introduction, the second generation V70 XC received a major upgrade.
  • The XC language also allows asynchronous receiving on channels through a select statement.
  • The XC-12 miniature continued to be used in later feature films.
  • Q : How long does it take Lockheed to build an XC-130?
  • Acer has high hopes for its XC devices.
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