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xci meaning in Hindi

xci sentence in Hindi
1.Canto XCI continues the paradisiacal theme, opening with a snatch of the " clear song " of Proven�e.

2.Edward O'Reilly gives a full account of these in his'Irish Writers', XCI sq .; d . anno 990.

3.Xist RNA recruits polycomb complexes to the inactive X chromosome at the onset of XCI . SUZ12 is a component of the PRC2 and contains a zinc finger domain.

4.On 7 March 1990, the Slovenian Assembly passed the amendment XCI changing the official name of the state to the Republic of Slovenia dropping the word'Socialist '.

5.In 408 he nearly lost his life in a riot stirred up by the pagans at Calama ( St . Augustine, " Epp . ", xc, xci, xciii ).

6.The types of XDP content defined in XFA specification include PDF, XFA template, XML configuration information ( XCI ), dataSet, sourceSet, XSLT style sheet, XFDF ( form data ) and undocumented packets ( such as those used to communicate events to a Form Server ).

7.Cyrus'chief opponents, St . Maximus, died in 662 ( " Epistola ad Nicandrum; disputatio cum Pyrrho ", P . G ., XCI, 101, 345 ), reproached him for falsifying the then much-respected text of Dionysius and substituting for ( new ).

8.It was constructed from twenty-four 64 KB ( 4-bit by 16, 384-word ) 15 ns SRAMs . The module also contained a REXMI chip set, whose purpose was to interface the Rigel chip set's DAL ( data and address line ) bus to the XCI ASIC, the user side of the XMI corner interface.

9.While he was a governor of the American College of Surgeons in 1985, Truhlsen s home state elected him to the honorary position of " King of Quivira " as Ak-Sar-Ben XCI . His first connection with Ak-Sar-Ben was in his childhood when his father had served as an ambassador of the organization and brought Truhlsen and his young friends to Omaha for its events for boys.

being one more than ninety
Synonyms: ninety-one, 91,

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