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xciv meaning in Hindi

xciv sentence in Hindi
1.{{ quote | In the Spring of 1670, he returned unto his Beloved Pulpit : And made his first Sermon on those words : PSal XCIV . 12.

2.In 1928 he had a second exhibition, at the XCIV Mostra degli Amatori e Cultori di Belle Arti, as well as a collective with Palazzo Doria in 1929.

3.We return to the world of books in Canto XCIV . The canto opens with the name of Hendrik van Brederode, a lost leader of the Dutch Revolution, forgotten while William I, Prince of Orange is remembered.

4.More developed ethical works emanated from Hasidean circles in the Maccabean time, such as are contained in Ethiopic Enoch ( xciv . et seq . ) and the Slavonic Enoch ( lviii . et seq . ) and to the three patriarchs.

5.During the Exodus while all the people thought only of taking the gold and silver of the Egyptians, Moses endeavored to carry away boards for use in the construction of the future Temple ( compare Genesis Rabba xciv . 4 and Jew.

6.As a producer and director he was involved in " Sonette XCIV " by William Shakespeare, starring Sir Alan Bates in 1999, shortfilm " Split Ends "  Cruzon Cinema, Soho, 2002, as well as the short " Wienerin betet " for the Festival Mythos Modern, Vienna, 2008; in 2009 he directed " Swamp Dwellers " by Wole Soyinka, National Theatre of Nigeria, and started producing music videos and held training workshops together with the Goethe-Institut Lagos called " Bauprobe " based on Wole Soyinka's " A dance of the Forest ".

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