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xcl meaning in Hindi

xcl sentence in Hindi
1.The usual military replacement for a bar grip tyre today is now a pattern like the Michelin XCL or'NATO Pattern '.

2.Today's most actively traded issues were XCL Ltd ., WorldCom Inc ., Unisys Corp ., MCI Communications Corp . and Intel.

3.Today's most active stocks in U . S . trading were XCL Ltd ., Intel, Gateway, Rational Software Corp . and WorldCom Inc.

4.XCL Ltd ., whose hopes lie in developing oil in China, rose 50 percent to a 52-week high of 3 / 4 on Oct . 7.

5.On the American Stock Exchange, the largest short positions included Elan Corp ., Ivax Corp ., XCL Ltd . and Turner Broadcasting System's class B shares.

6.On Wednesday, Dan Dorfman on the cable channel CNBC quoted Alan Gaines of Gaines Berland Inc . as saying XCL's China operations could yield 500 million barrels of reserves.

7.The most active stock, at 16.2 million shares, was XCL, an oil and gas exploration company based in Louisiana, which rose 5 / 16, to 1.

8.A reproduction of the " Spirit " ( Registration ES-XCL ), which had been built and certified in Estonia in 1997, was written off on May 31, 2003.

9.After Novell, the most actively traded stocks were Intel Corp ., Micron Technology Inc ., Motorola Inc ., BMC Software Inc ., DSC Communications Corp ., Cisco Systems, and XCL Ltd.

10.Even more sophisticated jammers from NRL, designated XCK ( to be produced as TY and designated TEA when combined with the upgraded XCJ-4 ) and XCL, were under development but were never deployed as the threat had evaporated before they could be put into service.

being ten more than one hundred eighty
Synonyms: one hundred ninety, 190,

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