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xcviii meaning in Hindi

xcviii sentence in Hindi
1.:: Premandom-thank you for your time and the feedback Xcviii . i am not sure what you mean about the conflict of interest.

2.Daniel, however, forgot the " end " revealed to him, after an angel had shown him everything . ( Genesis Rabba xcviii . 2)

3.Samson's strength was divinely derived ( Sotah 10a ); and he further resembled God in requiring neither aid nor help ( Genesis Rabba xcviii . 18 ).

4.He and his followers continued to sink till Hannah prayed for them ( Gen . R . xcviii . 3 ); and through her prayer, the Rabbis declare, Korah will ascend to paradise ( Ab.

5.Little is known of the history of this town, situated on the east bank of the Harpasus, a tributary of the Hierocles ( Synecd ., 688 ) and by Pliny the Elder ( II, XCVIII ).

6.In Latin historiography the Bavarian Geographer ( generally dated to the mid-9th century ) attests that " Lendizi habent civitates XCVIII ", that is, that the " Lendizi " had 98 gords, or settlements.

7.Canto XCVIII reintroduces Ocellus, a fictional character whose name derives from the Latin word for " eye . " Ocellus is first introduced in Canto LXXXVII, " Y Yin, Ocellus, Erigena . " This tripling is crucial to an understanding of Pound's motivations.

8.Finally, the " Cirurgia Walteri Brit " named in the ancient table of contents in another Digby MS . ( xcviii . f . 1 b ) has nothing corresponding to it in the volume itself but a set of English medical receipts whose author is not stated ( f . 257 ).

9.After an opening passage that draws together many of the main themes of the poem through images of Ra-Set, Ocellus on light ( echoing Eriugena ), the tale of " Gassire's Lute ", Leucothoe's rescue of Odysseus, Helen of Troy, Gemisto, Demeter, and Plotinus, Canto XCVIII turns to the " Sacred Edict " of the emperor K'ang Hsi.

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