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English-Hindi > xenodiagnosis

xenodiagnosis meaning in Hindi

xenodiagnosis sentence in Hindi
1.Another useful identification method is Xenodiagnosis, or the use of a vector to support the growth of an infectious agent.

2.�mile Brumpt introduced the xenodiagnosis technique into parasitological research and extensively studied such diseases as bilharzia, Chagas disease, onchocerciasis and leishmaniasis.

3.In this case, xenodiagnosis involves the use of the triatomine bug, which takes a blood meal from a person suspected of having been infected.

4.Medical professionals primarily use xenodiagnosis in determining the presence of a chronic infection of " Trypanosoma cruzi " ( the flagellate that causes Chagas disease ).

5.Medical professionals historically successfully identified babesiosis with xenodiagnosis, both in hamsters for " Babesia microti " and in gerbils for " Babesia divergens ".

6.Historically, babesiosis diagnosis was carried out with xenodiagnosis in hamsters for " B . microti " and in gerbils for " B . divergens ".

7.Xenodiagnosis has not been commonly used in diagnosing Lyme disease because " in vitro " cell culturing now serves the purpose, however the process is commonly used to diagnose infections involving microorganisms such as trypanosomiasis.

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