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English-Hindi > xenodochium

xenodochium meaning in Hindi

xenodochium sentence in Hindi
1.Besides his " xenodochium ", Masona instituted a system of public healthcare.

2.In addition, it was expected that each diocese would support a " xenodochium ", a hostel for the homeless and strangers.

3.He also was responsible in his will for donating his house for the establishment of a " xenodochium ", an institute which took care of the poor and sick, and the distributions of alms.

4.She argues that it was during the tenure of Theobald as archdeacon of Verona ( 1120-1135 ), who was the first bishop to be appointed from the ranks of the cathedral chapter ( 1135-1157 ), that Pacificus'name first appeared in reference to many documents related to the cathedral chapter's history and the founding of the " schola " and " xenodochium ".

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