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English-Hindi > xenogeneic

xenogeneic meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [.zenəʊdʒi'ni:ik, .zi:-]  sound:  
xenogeneic sentence in Hindi
1.The immunogenicity of xenogeneic tissues may be different from and even stronger than allogeneic tissues.

2.The main use of these models is to study the calcification potential of xenogeneic bioprosthesis ).

3.The most likely source for xenogeneic islets for transplantation into human under evaluation is the pig pancreas.

4.Potential alternatives to encapsulating isolated islets ( of either allo-or xenogeneic origin ) are also being explored.

5.Xenogeneic antigens are recognized as foreign by the human body and induce an immune-mediated rejection of tissue.

6.Recently, SSC transplantation has also been proposed as a potential method for conservation of endangered species through xenogeneic transplantation.

7.Nonrandomized, uncontrolled pilot clinical trials are ongoing in subject with insulin-requiring diabetes to test the efficacy of encapsulation techniques to protect xenogeneic islets in the absence of chronic anti-rejection drugs.

8.An example of this is shown in the study by Zang et al . where genetically modified xenogeneic CHO cells expressing VEGF were encapsulated in alginate-polylysine-alginate microcapsules and implanted into rat myocardium.

9.Xenogeneic heart valves are of special importance for this area of study as they demonstrate a limited durability mainly due to the fatigue of the tissue and the calcific deposits ( see Aortic valve replacement ).

10.In direct xenorecognition, antigen presenting cells from the xenograft present peptides to recipient CD4 + T cells via xenogeneic MHC class II molecules, resulting in the production of interleukin 2 ( IL-2 ).

denoting or relating to cells or tissues from individuals belonging to different species

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