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English-Hindi > xenograft

xenograft meaning in Hindi

xenograft sentence in Hindi
1.Rigosertib shows little liver damage or neurotoxicity in mouse xenograft models.

2.Significant hurdles remain to be overcome in all xenograft research.

3.The end result is thrombosis and necrosis of the xenograft.

4.Gemcitabine, Vinorelbine ) both in vitro and in mouse xenograft models.

5.The xenograft, on the other hand, was offered for free.

6.HU-336 is highly effective against tumor xenografts in nude mice.

7.Breast cancer xenografts overexpressing Sulf1 in athymic mice showed marked decreases in angiogenesis.

8.This causes xenografts to blacken, swell and cease functioning within minutes to hours.

9.It is also developing xenografts for organ transplantation, Novartis said in a statement.

10.Johnson's xenograft has transformed his life.

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tissue from an animal of one species used as a temporary graft (as in cases of severe burns) on an individual of another species
Synonyms: heterograft,

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