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English-Hindi > yachtsmen

yachtsmen meaning in Hindi

yachtsmen sentence in Hindi
1.The winning edge would go to the skill of the yachtsman.

2.That's how the New Zealand yachtsman, pick up ovs

3.Transatlantic yachtsmen still make a beeline for the nine Portuguese islands.

4.He's just the most amazingly accomplished yachtsman,"

5.The Yacht Racing Union named him World yachtsman of the year.

6.The river is used by yachtsmen as a very safe harbour.

7.Portaferry Lifeboat is an essential lifeline for local fishermen and yachtsmen.

8.The yachtsman was later taken off by a Romanian cargo ship.

9.He was also an enthusiastic yachtsman, both cruising and racing.

10.Many Tancook boats were built for yachtsmen of the Chester region.

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