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English-Hindi > yaffle

yaffle meaning in Hindi

yaffle sentence in Hindi
1.Professor Yaffle was created as the Bookend who had access to " facts ".

2.The call is a loud ringing laugh, " plue, plue, plue ", very like the green woodpecker s yaffle, but perhaps slightly faster.

3.Oak and Yaffle " ( located in the north of the village ) closed in 2012, and the " Ashley Hotel " ( near the middle of the village ) closed in 2015.

4.She co-produced " Monsoon Shootout " jointly with Yaffle Films, UK . Monga was involved in the production of " The Lunchbox ", a project shown at Film Bazaar ( 2011 ),; Cinemart ( 2012 ), Berlinale Co-Production Market ( 2012 ) and TorinoFilmLab ( 2012 ).

5.The wooden woodpecker bookend became the drily academic Professor Yaffle ( based on the philosopher Bertrand Russell, whom Postgate had once met ), while the mice carved on the side of the " mouse organ " ( a small mechanical pipe organ that played rolls of music ) woke up and scurried around, singing in high-pitched voices.

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