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English-Hindi > yager

yager meaning in Hindi

yager sentence in Hindi
• जर्मन पैदल-सैनिक
1.Students hurried across the street to Leawood Park, Yager said.

2.Yager sold the car to a private collector in late 2009.

3."Yager " has received positive reviews from critics.

4.Yager probably had complete control of " Buck Rogers"

5.There's also a morale boost, Yager said.

6.The Townhomes of Wellwood is being planned for Yager Lane.

7.Several video tapes of Faye Yager interviews were also introduced.

8.Ruffalo and Ms . Yager handle their scenes together with clumsy grace.

9.Ms . Yager interrupts : " That's not true.

10.Jan Yager made a bib called " City Flotsam ."

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