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English-Hindi > yak

yak meaning in Hindi

yak sentence in Hindi
1.Or indeed a yak herder in the slopes of Qomolangma,
वास्तव में यह क्योमोलंगमा की ढालानों पर एक याक चराने वाला है।

2.By horses, by yak, by truck, by hitchhiking,
घोड़ों पर, याक पर, ट्रक में, लिफ्ट ले,

3.-LRB- Tr : Max Muller -RRB- The same thought is expressed pithily in Taittiriya Upani-shad -LRB- III , 10-14 -RRB- :
ह्यअनु0 मैकऋ-ऊण्श्छ्ष्-समूलरहृ यही विचार तैyak ? \भाष्; t huAa hO ( 111 , 10-14 )

4.It combines the asking of a question for answer with supplementaries and short comments in which all points of view are expressed concisely and precisely , and the government has adequate opportunity to state its case .
इसमें उyak ? \भाष्; t ike jaato hOM AaOr sarkar kao ApnaI baat khnao ka pyaa-p ? \भाष्; t Avasar imala%aa hO .

5.It is the duty -LRB- of the Brahman -RRB- , if he wants to cohabit with a wife to get a child , to perform a sacrifice to the fire called earbhadhana : On pregnancy and childbed but he does not perform it , because it requires the presence of the woman , and therefore he feels ashamed to do so .
गर्भ और प्रसव ब्राह्मण का यह कर्तवऋ-ऊण्श्छ्ष्-य है कि यदि वह संतानोतऋ-ऊण्श्छ्ष्-पिyak hO AaOr [saIilae vah eosaa krnao maoM laja ? \भाष्; jaa ka AnauBava kr%aa hO .

6.This duality in the conception of God as well as in the relation between God and man , is explained by Dr Radhakrishnan in this way : When man tries to apprehend Absolute Reality through his limited intellectual faculties he cannot go beyond the conception of a personal God whom he regards as a being separate from himself .
1 ऋशऋ-ऊण्श्छ्ष्-वर की अवधारणा तथा ऋशऋ-ऊण्श्छ्ष्-वर और मनुषऋ-ऊण्श्छ्ष्-य के बीच संबंध की यह देहरी सऋ-ऊण्श्छ्ष्-थिति डा . राधाऋषऋ-ऊण्श्छ्ष्-णन् द्वारा इस प्रकार समझाऋ गयी र्है ” जब मनुषऋ-ऊण्श्छ्ष्-य अपनी सीमित बऋद्धिक क्षमताओं के द्वारा सर्वोचऋ-ऊण्श्छ्ष्-च सyak ? \भाष्; i%agat ? Xa ? \भाष्; var kI QaarNaa ko baahr nahIM jaa sak%aa , ? sakao vah sa ? \भाष्; vaMya sao Alaga ek Asa ? \भाष्; i%at ? \भाष्; va maana%aa hO .

7.Placing the royal insignia at the feet of his guru Vidyaranya , in all gratitude and reverence , he hailed him as the ' Karnataka simhasana pratishthapanacharya ' -LRB- the establisher of the throne of Karnataka -RRB- , a title The urgent need for stone constructions in and around the new capital and the requirements of the know-how of the technique of working on the hard , adamantine stones , in which material the rocky terrain of Hampi and the neighbourhood abounded , was perhaps met from the further south where the craftsmen were for long centuries steeped in the hardstone tradition and possibly also from the Kakatiya region in the north , where sculpture in hardstone had come into vogue for some time since .
यह ऐतिहासिक पृषऋ-ऊण्श्छ्ष्-ठिभूमि उस उतऋ-ऊण्श्छ्ष्-साह और प्रेरणा के उचित मूलऋ-ऊण्श्छ्ष्-यांकन में सहायता करेगी ऋससे विजयनगर के संसऋ-ऊण्श्छ्ष्-थापकों और उनके उyak maaMga AaOr kzaor , duBao-V pt ? \भाष्; qaraoM pr kama krnao kI tknaIk kI jaanakarI kI AavaXa ? \भाष्; yak%aaeM , ik ? sa ( PaaYaaNa ) saamaga ` I hmPaI AaOr AasaPaasa ka BaUBaaga samaRw qaa , Xaayad AaOr Aagao dixaNa sao pUrI hu ? , jahaM k ? Xa%aaba ? \भाष्; idyaaoM sao karIgar kzaor ? PaaYaaNa prMpra maoM dIixat sao pUrI hu ? M , jahaM k ? Xa%aaba ? \भाष्; idyaaoM sao karIgar kzaor PaaYaaNa pMrpra maoM dIixat hao cauko qao AaOr Xaayad ]

8.Though there were 16 advocates in the court , including Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru , the defence was led by Bhulabhai J . Desai , whose brilliance in cross-examination was revealed when he submitted : “ The proposition is this that in view of the fact that a state of war existed between the Provisional ” Government of Azad Hind and the British , and acts done in prosecution of that war had not ” In International Law it is permissible for those who are subject to a foreign authority to organise themselves and having an organised army to fight for liberation , whether it is successful or not .
हालांकि अदालत में जवाहरलाल नेहरू सहित 16 वकील मऋजूद थे , बचाव का दायितऋ-ऊण्श्छ्ष्-व भूलाभाऋ देसाऋ ने लिया , निकी प्रतिभा ऋरह के दऋरान उभर कर आयी.उनऋ-ऊण्श्छ्ष्-होंने कर्हा “ प्रसऋ-ऊण्श्छ्ष्-ताव यह है कि इस तथऋ-ऊण्श्छ्ष्-य को देखते हुए कि आजाद हिंद की अंतरिम सरकार और ब्रिटिश सरकार के बीच युद्ध जारी था , उस युद्ध के दऋरान किये गये इऋयाकलाप वैसा महतऋ-ऊण्श्छ्ष्-व नहीं रखते , जैसा कि एक व्यि> के मामले में साम्राजऋ-ऊण्श्छ्ष्-य दावा करता है , या कर सकता है . ” अंतर्राषऋ-ऊण्श्छ्ष्-ट्रीय कानून के तहत यह सऋ-ऊण्श्छ्ष्-वीऋत है कि किसी विदेशी सyak ? \भाष्; i%a ApnaI AajaadI ko ilae ekjauT haoM yaa ek saMgaizt saonaa banaaeM , Balao hI [sa laD ? a ? maoM vao kamayaaba haoM yaa naa haoM .

large long-haired wild ox of Tibet often domesticated
Synonyms: Bos grunniens,

noisy talk
Synonyms: yack, yakety-yak, chatter, cackle,

talk profusely; "she was yakking away about her grandchildren"
Synonyms: gab,

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