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English-Hindi > yahoos

yahoos meaning in Hindi

yahoos sentence in Hindi
• याहू
• गँवार
• नरपशु
• नृशंस व्यक्ति
• नरपशु
1.We are not a yahoo town watching an upstart expansion franchise.

2.(http : / / www . yahoo . com ).

3.Recently, Yahoo also started offering free news updates from Reuters.

4.Competitors such as Lycos and Yahoo also sell rights to words.

5.The new publications, expected to be named " Yahoo!

6.The Crosby used to make allowances for time-wasting yahoos.

7.Firms and organizations can get listed in Yahoo simply by asking.

8.Softbank took a 5 percent stake in Yahoo ! last December.

9.Softbank Corp . raised its stake in Internet software maker Yahoo!

10.Last Friday, shares of on-line directory provider Yahoo!

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