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English-Hindi > ywca

ywca meaning in Hindi

ywca sentence in Hindi
1.That explains why Ruby Nicholas took a room at the YWCA.

2.Ridge said in an interview at a YWCA child care center.

3.For further details, contact the YWCA at 03-2017753.

4.Five of the Southern California YWCA buildings were designed by Morgan.

5.She was appointed CEO of YWCA New South Wales in 2014.

6.She then became the YWCA secretary of the National Student Council.

7.Today, YWCA USA works to eliminate racism and empower women.

8.Until 1930 the headquarters of the World YWCA were in London.

9.It is the only YWCA owned hostel still operating in Queensland.

10.Graham joined the executive committee of the World YWCA in 1975.

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