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yups meaning in Hindi

yups sentence in Hindi
1.No wonder X-ers gag at the mention of " Yups ."

2.Other projects with Cris includes Internet channel yups . tv and the store " Fans Store ".

3.But Vidal said that when Brown came down to the Marina he took time to talk to people and got a big response from the yups and Jordan seniors.

4.It's a potentially engrossing tale of working-class Irish Americans fighting yuppie encroachment on their Boston neighborhood by, mainly, stealing the yups'stuff.

5.In 2012, YUPS TV, a television channel from RGB Entertainment and Cris Morena, made its debut on cable TV across Latin America and on the internet.

6.Slumping and slouching throughout the proceedings, jiggling his feet, biting idly at his nails, answering in " yeahs " and " yups,"

7.But we've had fun tweaking the yups who one by one have learned it ain't politic to tell the latest BONGer's anecdote in management meetings.

8.At the start of March, the first preview of the third season started airing in Yups TV, CMG new on-line television channel which debuted on 12 March.

9.But his stiff style, his Hill-speak and his terse " yups " and " nopes " in talks with friends are the stuff of jokes.

10.When the sponsors failed to materialize, the Examiner's Monday editions covered the event under the headline " No yups, just nopes at rally in Mission : Was scheduled anti-hate gathering a complete put-on ?"

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